Duration: 6 months

Role: UX Design Intern at Consumer Business Unit - Tribe Digital Channels.


During my internship, I worked especially with the audition and migration of components to the Design System to Figma. Besides that, I worked on different products that included the My Vodafone App and Desktop, Vodafone’s website, and E-shop. Sadly due to the NDA, I’m not allowed to share specific aspects of my designs, but I’d love to share my learnings through this amazing experience.

My biggest learnings

Maximize efficiency, and utilize resources.

I came across the concept of how having a consistent Design System can maximize efficiency, however, I have never applied these concepts. After familiarizing myself with our design guidelines, I started a journey on how to create flexible and efficient components. Having a consistent Design System, helped me to focus on users’ needs. I became immensely more efficient and produced better work. Being able to catch up on others’ work made me not only understand the importance of a good Design System, but also a better team player.

Adapt your speech and Communicate complex ideas

The scope of the internship was quite large. Because of that, I had to communicate with different types of stakeholders. This challenged me to learn how to communicate complex ideas into easily understandable concepts and adapt my storytelling based on my audience.

Get out of your comfort zone

During the first weeks, I felt like I was getting lost in the chaos of such a fast-paced environment. Besides the internship, I was also taking a post-graduation course which filled my nights. I’ve always tried to keep an open mind and a positive attitude. So, by the end of the first month, I was feeling much more integrated into the team, motivated, and much less tired.